'Ophelia' by the Lumineers on the streets

The Lumineers frontman Wesley Schultz has stated he "learned how you can dance" for that video to new single Ophelia stripped away from forthcoming album 'Cleopatra'.

“For the music activity video Ophelia, our buddy Issac Ravishankara, who directed the Stubborn Love music video from my first record, brought us remedy that involved me dancing inside streets as it was raining so I were required to learn choreography with the first time during my life," Schultz said. "I learned tips on how to dance due to this music video."

Ophelia by The Lumineers

Schultz been specifically talking up new album 'Cleopatra', that's due on April 8, as well as the writing process behind the tracks:

"The record is our greatest hits reflecting what’s happened to us throughout the last three years. We experimented with come up with the perfect version of any song, and we recorded lot of different iterations, changing the tempos, dressing 'em up, stripping ‘em down," he explained.

"It took many work to get them to sound very easy. We’re very obsessed with the process. It was a really intense and exquisite experience. There was a great deal of battling, many tears, however some amazing stuff arrived on the scene, at the end, we had arrived much better off. It transformed our relationship."

The new track has now gained in excess of two million Spotify streams.

“We took precisely the same approach on this occasion as we did using the first album, recording demos in a tiny house we rented within the original Denver neighbourhood where we first moved,” Schultz said.